Real life results from autism ABA therapy

Forta offers personalized ABA therapy to help your child develop through focused, one-on-one time with top quality therapists. We begin with a consultation and functional assessment of your child. Let’s start the journey of growth today.

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Results focused

Forta's clinicians use ABA therapy to help your child achieve meaningful development goals. Using the power of positive reinforcement, problem behaviors are reduced, social skills developed, and communication abilities improve. Children who engage in ABA therapy report achieve meaningful longterm outcomes (Estes, Munson, Rogers, 2015)


Free consultation

Make an appointment with our Clinical Team to share about your current situation, your family goals, and schedule a free diagnosis or functional assessment.

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Functional assessment

Prior to starting therapy, we conduct a functional assessment to identify your child’s strengths, needs, and environmental adjustments. A custom therapy plan is created to reinforce your child’s ongoing growth.

Progress & monitoring

Our therapists measure and monitor your child’s development. With each milestone achieved, we identify new goals to build upon each new accomplishment.

Build momentum as a family

Learn from our therapists how to create a supportive home environment. Our goal is to empowered you to teach your child the skills they will need to live their best life.

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“I credit ABA with helping him in a way that I could not. Especially in those first few years, I don’t even know where we would have been without ABA therapy.”

- Parent with 10 year old son

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